Superman Helmet

Price: $1780

This Shoei RF1300 was custom painted and airbrushed for a customer in South Dakota, who is a Superman fanatic.  The custom paint and pinstriping was done per his request, with a new style Superman theme.  This custom painted helmet was a head turner on his first road trip in the Black Hills.

Evel Knievel Helmet Replica

Price: $1220

This custom painted helmet was done for a customer in southern California.   He requested a Evel Knievel helmet, custom painted near identically to some of Evel's originals.

Josh Herrin Helmet

This custom painted Arai was done for Josh Herrin.  The forth or fifth helmet I have gotten to paint and design for the motoamerica supersport pro at Troy Lee Designs, as usual, Josh had us incorporate his 3 eyed smiley drip face on top, in his colors.  This one he also wanted some heavy metallic flake, so we added some Kandy red over sections of that as well.   He also asked to add his son on the back.

Scooby Doo Helmet

Price: $1640

This custom painted helmet was given a Scooby-Doo theme, with some of the same images we have airbrushed on other ones we have done.  Turned out very sharp with lots of fun vibrant colors.

Santino Ferrucci -- Space Jam Helmet

Another custom painted helmet that I used California Beach Flake on, for Santino Ferrucci.  He told me, lets do a Space Jam one.  That's all the info that I needed.  And this was what I came up with.  Santino always lets me have total freedom with his helmets, and Troy does as well while I have been working with TLD, and Santino's lids always turn out the best, and get more attention than anyone else's at the shop and on the track.   I waited about 22 or 23 years to get the opportunity to do a Space Jam themed helmet, and the time finally came.

Hudson HUCK Deegan Helmet

The Deegan family has been my favorite to paint for since working with Troy at TLD.   I looked up to Brian as I was growing up, racing MX, thinking I was a rebel, while he was too, acting like a dumbo.  Good times.   Talking to Brian about the kids, and what they like in their designs, has really been a joy for me.   Huck put his ideas into this simple design, and I think he might be the funniest one in the family.

Top Gun Phoenix Helmet

Price: $980

Top Gun helmet themes are my fovorite.   It gives me an excuse to watch the movie again while I am painting and listen to it over and over.   And live in the Danger Zone.  My wife and I just went to TOP GUN 2!!!   IN a DRIVE-IN!!!    It was so awesome.   It was a great build up to the sequel, to hear everyone's excitement, to get to paint more repicas, and then lay in the back of the Jeep and watch history unfold, long after my gradeschool years.  Top Gun 2 is worth the effort.

Top Gun Iceman Helmet

Price: $1350

Another Top Gun Helmet design that we laid out for a ski helmet for Santiago Perez.  Iceman Top Gun helmet designs always turn out slick, no matter what shape helmet we work them on to.

Japanese Skydive Helmet

Price: $2600

This custom painted skydive helmet was painted with some specific elements that the customer wanted, as he wanted it done as if it were a bit like a tattoo style.  This design turned out super killer, with all the classic Japanese elements. Many, Many hours involved, and after it was finished, I really wanted to keep it for my own desk...

Kobe Bryant Memorial Helmet

Price: $2440

Kobe Bryant is one of the great sports athletes that I have done several theme designs of. This one was done on an AGV PIsta GP RR carbon, probably the same high-end streetbike helmet that Kobe himself would have chosen. In person, this slick custom painted helmet looks 3D and Kobe is about to dunk on your face.

Santino Ferrucci Vegas Helmet

One of the first helmets that I've gotten to paint for Santino Ferrucci.  He wanted a Vegas theme, and said, don't show me until It's done and it gets here.  One of his favorite designs to date...

Top Gun Maverick Helmet

Price: $1150

Another custom painted helmet done in the Top Gun Maverick theme.

Haiden Deegan Helmet

Price: $1220

Another custom painted helmet we did for Haiden Dangerboy Deegan, including his sponsors of course, and his input in the design were the colors and the scale pattern.

Haiden Dangerboy Deegan Helmet

Price: $1240

One of the few helmets I have gotten the opportunity to custom paint for Haiden.  Conversing with Brian over the last couple years, planning out helmet designs for himself and the kids has been really fun, and they all like to put their ideas into them.  On this one, the colors, the 3/4 helmet with bandana idea, and the Fortnite weapon, were Haiden's input.

Hailie Deegans Mint 400 Helmet

The last custom helmet that I got to paint for Hailie, was a surprise for her, from Method Race Wheels, to be worn in the Mint 400 March 2022.  You can see the surprise footage on our VIDEO page. Method asked for a Monster helmet with a little bit of a Las Vegas theme.  That's too little for Hailie in my opinion, so I took it as far as I could with the time frame I had.  Incorporating key Vegas elements, the skyline, some graphics, and a little blurp from Vegas vacation, I think everyone was surprised with how this looked and the finish quality after only having a few days to do it.  After Hailie wears it in the Mint400, Method will be giving the helmet away to a lucky winner online.

Hailie Deegan Helmet

Over the years working with Troy and Troy Lee Designs, I have gotten the opportunity to paint all of the Deegan Family's helmets.  Brian, Hailie, Haiden, and Hudson.  This was probably about the forth or fifth custom painted helmet that I did for Hailie.  She gave her dad and I specifics on how she wanted it laid out, the camo, and the colors. Working with Troy Lee Designs always brings exciting celebrities to the table to work with.  Hailie is one of my favorites, because she leaves most all of the creativity up to me.

Josh Herrin Fresh N Lean Superbike Helmet

Another custom painted helmet I laid out for Josh Herrin with his ideas incorporated.  The Fresh N Lean logo and other specific elements, like his melting face, with their specific PMS colors, were put on the podium again, as always, whenever we paint custom Arais for Josh, my favorite Superbike athlete... Josh and Troy at TLD let me run with ideas.

Nikita Ducarroz Olympic helmet 2021 Tokyo

This custom painted helmet we designed with Nikita Ducarroz, the Swiss Freestyle BMX Olympian, that she wore in Tokyo in the 2021 Olympics.  She came home with a Bronze medal as well!  Nikita gave us her input, and we gave the candy red a flat finish, added some Swiss elements, and finished the gloss black sections off with California Beach flake, gold straight off the beaches of San Diego, to give it that extra BLING.  For me this is one of those very satisfying custom helmets, to get to see perform on the world stage, and Nikita to do so well, the reason I keep helmet painting...

Lauren Reynolds Olympic helmet 2021 Tokyo

Another Professional BMX athlete that I got the pleasure of meeting at the Troy Lee Designs shop when she stopped in a week after I completed the helmet that she wore in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.  Lauren gave us the basis of what she wanted in a design, and I adjusted that idea to make it more bold, and flow with her helmet, adding neons and candy paints to the background of the carbon palm trees, this design was simple yet stood out on the track in Tokyo.  This custom painted helmet was a surprise for me, after I found out the athlete was as talented as she is, as a top competitor from Australia.

Alise Willoughby Olympic Helmet 2021 Tokyo

Alise Willoughby will be wearing her new USA/Japanese themed helmet in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.  The BMX star came up with many of the elements in this design, and drew them out herself for me to go off of.  I added the wave of Kanagawa to one side, and executed all of her ideas to show the connection between the USA and Japan.  We only had a few days to complete her latest custom helmet because of a scheduled Troy Lee designs team member photoshoot, which you can see online, with the other Olympic BMX riders that will be dawning our custom lids on the worlds stage in Tokyo the end of July 2021.

Dean Lucas Mountain Bike Day of the Dead

Price: $1880

Pro Mountain biker Dean Lucas came to us with a custom painted helmet idea, with a Day of the Dead theme, wanting lots of specific colors, so we added to his idea, and ran with it.  One of my favorites to paint because he gave me enough freedom to add some cool elements to his custom helmet painting ideas.

Custom YETI Mugs

Price: $call

Pulse Music Helmet

Price: $1050

Helmet painting and art can be simple and clean or busy and complex.  Joel Kipnis from New York, NY chose the simple and clean route with black, pearl purlple, and silver with his music studio business logo Pulse, being the main focus. Just a clean sharp custom painted helmet.

Harley Quinn Joker helmet

Price: $1620

Many of the custom painted helmets that have left here, I've wished I could keep and just display.   This Harley Quinn / Joker airbrushed helmet is definitely one for display.  Jon Bussell of Detroit, Michigan asked me about an idea for a Joker Harley Quinn custom painted helmet design.  He gave me a couple references, and the colors he wanted to match his CBR, and I took it to another level that he didn't expect.  The airbrushing of tiny little Harley Quinn on back turned out amazing for it's size, and this came out to be one of my favorite custom helmet paintjobs we've done this year.

Game of Thrones helmet paint

Price: $1690

Custom helmet painting another Game of Thrones helmet, I knew we could improve and simplify over previous airbrushing we have done on the popular series.  Keeping the design bold and not too busy, this custom painted helmet turned out amazing when you have it in your hands.  Daenerys, her dragon, Jon Snow, and his wolf all stand out bold and sharp with the cold/hot contrasted backgrounds.  Adam Bunger of Prescott, AZ came to us with some ideas, and we excecuted a clean custom airbrushed helmet design.

Wonder Woman custom helmet

Price: $1240

Helmet painting is the best when I get the excuse to research and watch movies in order to make sure I hit the mark on special projects.  Korey Knote of Sumner, WA needed to repay his wife Mandy for the Marines themed helmet that we painted as a surprise gift for him from her.  So we did the exact same thing for Korey, and designed a custom painted Wonder Woman themed helmet from him to his lovely wife.  With a base graphic theme, the new movie colors, with a little bit of an old school twist, this custom painted helmet turned out very cool. The airbrushed Wonder Woman sword and glowing lasso of truth and tiara were touches that Korey specified.  You're the best Mandy.

North Caroline Tarheels Ski helmet

Price: $1090

Another custom painted ski helmet for Mark Dowley of New York, NY.   This Tarheels design was finished flat for a very cool look.  

Kobe Bryant custom helmet

Price: $1820

One of my favorite and most exciting customers I have gotten to work with, Sandy Chaudhri of East Rutherford, NJ, is an ABSOLUTE Kobe Bryant fanatic!!!   No question.   She had so many ideas for her custom Kobe helmet paintwork, that we had to simplify it in order to keep the design from getting too cluttered and too expensive to airbrush.  With specific images, and candy purples and yellows, and several specific ideas of her own, this helmet is without a doubt a one of a kind.  Helmet painting for Kobe's BIGGEST fan.

AFT Customs

Price: $1250

AFT customs is a custom bike building shop in Jackson, CA.  Owner Jim Giuffra contacted me with a specific idea in mind.   He wanted to have a custom painted helmet with his company logos, some other specifics, and a shout out to the rifle scope company that he works with.  We came up with an action shot of a sexy gal with an AR15 with a camo face.   This custom painted helmet was finished with an Alsa flat clearcoat.

Donald Duck custom helmet

Price: $1550

Jeff Hochstatter from Rifle, CO asked me to come up with an ANGRY Donald Duck custom helmet for him.   Included in the paintwork were different action shots of Donald throwing fits along with the colors he needed and the POW logo on top.   Turned out very clean and sharp.


1st Phorm Camo Carbon helmet

Price: $1280

More helmet painting for Andy Frisella, CEO of 1st Phorm Supplement Company and Suplement Superstores.  This one we adjusted the 1st Phorm logo to make it loud and fast, and then started taking elements from some of Andy's past helmet designs and adding them to the design.  The rally stripes, the Spartan swords, the camoflauge, the US and Italian flags, all intertwine the last several custom painted helmets that we have done for Andy, along with letting the carbon fiber base show through.

Australian Design

Price: $1250

Damien Brown from Philidelphia, PA sent me some ideas on a graphic style custom painted helmet that he wanted.  The helmet paint was geared towards his Australian heritage. The Arai Corsair V is always a great looking custom helmet when it is finished, with all of its color matched vent covers and moving parts.  A great helmet to custom paint and airbrush...

$2 bill Candy Green Helmet

Price: $1600

This custom painted helmet was designed by Catherine Sovern, Executive Assistant at SL Green Realty in New York, NY.  The Airbrushing on the $2 bills and Candy Green was specificly applied to the design for her boss as a gift. 

Troy Lee Designs Helmet

Price: $3330

A helmet I designed and painted for Troy Lee at Troy Lee Designs.  Starting with huge metallic boat flake and Kandy Red, this helmet had a TON of hours into it. Showing some of the speed history of the Troy Lee Designs legacy, this custom painted helmet shows the beginning with his father Larry Lee, to the modern day Troy Lee Designs Race Team.

Michigan Wolverines Helmet Ski

Price: $1040

Michigan Wolverines custom painted helmet SKI

Richard Mille Watch Custom helmet

Price: $1345

This custom helmet was ordered and specifically designed for Dominique the boss at Richard Mille Inc.   As a watch designer and distributor, I knew the detail would be important when seen, as did Dan Harroch who planned out the design.   This custom painted helmet was uniquid and a different design and goal than normal.  All the internals of a Richard Mille watch were replicated onto the helmet.

TD Bank Custom Shoei

Price: $1315

Lena Forrest at TD National Bank in Mount Laurel, NJ was an ABSOLUTE delight to work with on this custom helmet project for their boss's retirement gift.   As helmet painting goes, they requested their company colors, and the US and Canadian flags, in a certain style, considering the business regions that they deal with... and we used some simple lines to make everything flow together.

Custom Harley Tank Classic Flames

Price: $Call

Custom Airbrushed Harley tank - Classic yellow/orange flames - pinstripe

Custom Painted R/C Car Bodies

Price: $Call

One of my best customers, Jamal Rogers of Eastpoint, MI, whom has had us custom airbrush, and custom paint several helmets, motorcycles, track bikes, shifter carts, asked us to custom paint his latest toy, his custom R/C body for his Losi monster truck.  Per his ideas, we did a simple design to match many of his track bikes and helmets.  Simple and clean and lots of toys.   This is Jamal.  Standing out at a distance.  We've come a long way from his first custom painted helmet.

Fernando Alonso Replica Helmet

Price: $1570

This custom painted helmet was executed and finished for Ricardo Neves of Yonkers, NY.   This example of helmet painting is always exciting, as Ricardo always has specific ideas, changes, and spins off of replica designs of some of the fastest men in the world, who happen to wear custom helmets as well.  Ricardo put many ideas into the custom helmet design, including all the specific logos he wanted incorporated, colors, layout, and silver leaf lightning bolts, and we gave him the cleanest rendition of a custom helmet as possible via his specifications. 

Polynesian Hawaiian / Tahitian tattoo theme

Price: $1520

This custom painted Arai helmet was requested and sent to Marlo Caramat of San Francisco, CA.  Marlo has Tahitian and Hawaiian tattoos, and decided to use similar designs on the left and right side of his custom airbrushed helmet.  Custom painting this helmet with his company colors was a simple decision.  If you decide you want to learn how to hula dance from a group of professionals, call Marlo and his staff at Hopefully the helmet painting on his helmet will be a great show piece for his company and in his office.

Top Gun Goose helmet

Price: $1030

This custom painted Top Gun Goose helmet was done for Monty Cox of New York, NY for his Aspen, CO skiing expeditions.  As a huge Top Gun fan myself, we analyzed and then overanalyzed how this project should be done the correct way.  After custom airbrushing this ski helmet in the proper way, we all thought it was a great tribute, the perfect piece of helmet painting for a mountain.

Kory Enders custom Mclaren Bell

Price: $1350

Kory Enders called us up for this custom painted helmet to be airbrushed and custom painted to go with his style and affiliation with Mclaren of Houston and Sugarland Mercedes Benz of TX.   The second custom painted helmet that we have done for Kory, this one turned out nearly the opposite as the first.  Still clean and slick, but a darker more personal style. All designed by Kory, with our touch of twist...  His logo on the back and his custom airbrushed and shadowed signature, made the design.

Fit-Flavors - Smoothie Bar custom Indy helmet

Price: $1180

This custom painted helmet is an Arai GP-6 painted for Indy Racer, Jason Tedesco, co-owner of Fit-Flavors "Meals on the GO" and the Smoothie Bar, with his beautiful wife Jillian Tedesco.  Producing healthy meals for people who want to improve, and bodybuilders is what they do. This special company themed airbrushed helmet was sent to Chesterfield, MO and the couple has had some fun with wearing it around the house as well as on the track according to their instagram.  Contact to save time, money and your health!!! Also stop at in St. Louis, MO for a refresh...

Folds of Honor Tribute Custom Golf Driver

Price: $600

This custom painted golf club was given to Rebecca Backes of Wayzeta, MN from Folds of Honor in recognition of her many contributions to their foundation.  After the 2016 Wingman Open, we airbrushed this driver with a USA red white and blue theme to John Pohlad's specs.  Custom painted stars and stripes and pearl and metallic silver.

NY Knicks PG - Brandon Jennings

Price: $1250

Custom Shoei helmet personalized and painted for Brandon Jennings - NY Knicks Point Guard

Darius Rucker - Dolphins Driver

Price: $Call

This custom painted Gold Driver was done for Darius Rucker in a Miami Dolphins theme, for the Matter/FOH benefit concert "A Night to Matter" on 9/20/16.   Another wonderful benefit event, fun had by all.

Aluminum Panel Metal grinding

Very often we get requests for images, logos, portraits, even pets to be airbrushed.   One unique way is to use aluminum with a grinding technique and kandy paint.  This will make the background dance in direct sunlight more than anything we have seen before. A great custom painted gift for loved ones.

Lee Brice Folds of Honor Charity Concert

Price: $1450

Another helmet painting project that I got the privilege to custom paint for Folds of Honor.   Even though I talk to John Pohlad nearly every day, his idea to paint another Gentex Fighter Pilot helmet for the president of the Folds of Honor MN chapter, Perry Schmidt, got me pumped.  John threw his ideas at me, including the USA/eagle direction.  So John invited me back out to MPLS, Folds presented it to Perry at his private home on Lake Minnetonka during the Lee Brice Patriot Party benefit, raising money for families of fallen soldiers.  Amazing event, great music, and unbelievable stories told by the guests. Cathy Pohlad and I also surprised John with a little something extra...

KISS Custom Fighter Pilot Helmets - Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley

Price: $1490@

These custom painted fighter pilot helmets were airbrushed for Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS for the "Rock to Change the World" benefit in North Orono, MN.  John Pohlad at Folds of Honor contacted me with his ideas for their Wingman awards for the two rockstars. KISS played a concert at a private residence that I was lucky enough to take part in.  This 5 hour benefit raised over $1,000,000 to help people all across the world, thanks to Folds of Honor, Matter, and to the host Muffy Macmillan.  A crazy experience and so many great people!

Carmichael, Hart - Legends of Racing 1911 Cases

 I got to attend the 75th annual Sturgis Rally after the City of Sturgis called asking me to custom paint gun cases for the famous racers that they were bringing in for the rally.  Carey Hart being the Grand Marshall for the mayors ride, was accompanied by Ricky Carmichael, Doug Henry, Eric and Ben Bostrom, and Micky Dymond.  The city gave each legend a custom .45 Springfield 1911,  and we painted each of the custom gun cases specific for each guy, including their name, number, and business that they own, on the inside cover,  and the 75th annual Surgis logo on the outside.  It was awesome to meet these guys that I looked up to since I was a kid. Even got to party with them on the pub crawl for an everning.  Good times.

Samuel L.Jackson Mini Fridge

Price: $1260

This custom painted refridgerator was done up for A.Bill of Las Vegas, NV.   We went with the most memorable characters that Samuel L. Jackson has played in years passed, along with Christina Ricci from Black Snake Moan...   Just because it was sarcastically funny. This custom airbrushed fridge looks rediculous in Bill's entertainment room...

Jimmy Hendrix Guitar

Price: $920

This was a guitar that we custom painted and airbrushed Jimmy Hendrix's portrait and signature on as a Christmas gift.  It is now a display piece on the receiver's wall.

Aluminum Plate Portraits

Price: $call

Very often we get requests for images, logos, portraits, even pets to be airbrushed.   One unique way is to use aluminum with a grinding technique and kandy paint.  This will make the background dance in direct sunlight more than anything we have seen before. A great custom painted gift for loved ones.

Aluminum Plate Portraits

Price: $call

Very often we get requests for images, logos, portraits, even pets to be airbrushed.   One unique way is to use aluminum with a grinding technique and kandy paint.  This will make the background dance in direct sunlight more than anything we have seen before. A great custom painted gift for loved ones.

Aluminum Plate Portraits

Price: $call

Very often we get requests for images, logos, portraits, even pets to be airbrushed.   One unique way is to use aluminum with a grinding technique and kandy paint.  This will make the background dance in direct sunlight more than anything we have seen before. A great custom painted gift for loved ones.

Aztec Warrior Jungle Helmet

Price: $1840

This custom airbrushed Shoei turned out to be one of the nicest custom helmets I have seen in a long time.  With an Aztec warrior theme, using specific stone sculpures, the calendar, and a jungle background, everything really jumped out after being shadowed and pinstriped. When custom helmet painting, like this one, it can prove to be a challenge in thinking when trying to find a layout correctly.

Daigo Saito Monster Energy Helmet

Price: $1220

Jun Kurihara, Daigo Saito's mechanic, from Kent, WA contacted me in need of a Monster Energy helmet that would match Daigo's newly wrapped drift car in the states.  As a Monster sponsored athlete, we had to be sure to get it done right and ready for events.  In this custom helmet designwork, the carbon and the bright green definately will look sharp out in the smoke.

1st Phorm - Lamborghini Helmet

Price: $1540

Andy Frisella, of St. Louis, MO -  CEO of 1st Phorm supplement company and Suplement Superstores, contacted me again for another group of custom painted helmets. For his, he wanted a 1st Phorm and Lamborghini design, incorporating 1st Phorm's light blue teal color.  The design went along with Andy's Lamborghini Aventador that the had wrapped for specific races and events.  One of the sickest Simpson Devil Ray custom painted helmets that we have seen to match one sweet 1st Phorm Lambo...  Adding extras that Andy requested, including the airbrushed Lamborghini logos, his name, and the US and Italian flags on back, this custom helmet fits in the Legion of Boom.

Heartland Softball

Price: $1120

The first softball pitching helmet that I have ever gotten to custom paint,  this Heartland sponsored design painted for Joe Cornell and his team turned out very clean, classy and loud to match the team's uniform.  Always a first for some kinds of custom helmet painting and airbrushing.  Was a fun first as a softball helmet.  #kennelup

Yamaha Whitetail Diaries

Price: $1170

Another custom helmet painted for corporate YAMAHA.  Van Holmes called asking if we could airbrush a helmet for Wade Middleton, host of the Whitetail Diaries television program.  Van explained that everyone gives Wade a bad time about his messy hair, and the fact that he ALWAYS wears a visor.  So the idea was to custom paint a Bell Moto 7 ATV helmet that would look as though it is Wade's head and hairdo and wearing his black and white Yamaha Whitetail Diaries visor that he always has on... Using photographs of Wade,  I think we hit the mark.

Irish Family Skull Ski Lid

Price: $1120

Mark Dowley of New York, NY wanted a custom ski helmet that represented his family, and his Irish heritage, but also looked badass.   We used his specific images and logos, and also added some spin to make the design flow.  Definitely will be one of few custom painted helmets out on the slopes. Peaky Blinders maybe?

Ayrton Senna Replica Helmet

Price: $1440

This Ayrton Senna replica helmet design was requested by Ricardo Neves of Yonkers, NY.  He wanted to show the spirit of Senna while riding his bike,  so we adjusted the Ayrton Senna design to flow with the new Arai Vector 2.   This custom painted Senna helmet has zero vinyl in it,  just the way it should be, nothing but paint, right down to Senna's BOSS, and Marlboro, and Nacional sponsor logos.

WWII helmet

Price: $1190

Another custom painted helmet for Kathy Brewington of Las Vegas, NV to battle the brutal heat of summer.   She wanted a half helmet that would represent an old, hard, war army helmet.   Adding in specific meaningful elements to her and her family, including Peter Rabbit, we laid out and airbrushed netting like the original battle helmets looked, and with a flat finish, the new custom helmet looks almost vintage at a distance.

Vintage Indy Racecar theme

Price: $1830

Racing a vintage Merlyn Indy car,  from Erie, CO,  Bob Hancock wanted a custom airbrushed helmet to go with his racecar.  Starting with a Bell Dominator, we laid out some murals of some classic europeon races with vintage open cockpit Indy cars, along with the Merlyn logo, and his name and number, and specific colors that he likes.

Flowering Hibiscus

Price: $$1020

This custom painted Arai was done for Chris Chamberlain's mother as a surprise last summer.   With an orion silver base, and pinstriped hibiscus flowers,  this airbrushed helmet looked sharp and feminine and flashy at the same time.

Checkered DIRT

Price: $1220

Nicole Baumann had us match the custom helmet paint for her husband's surprise TLD helmet, to match his gear and KTM's graphics.  A super clean design, his nickname DIRT, his number, and airbrushed sponsor logos, this custom motocross helmet turned out very slick.

Gold Leaf Family Crest

Price: $1850

This custom painted auto race BELL helmet was sent to us, custom painted, and sent back to Phil Daigrepont of Kenner, LA.    Phil wanted his family crest on back, and old school gold leafing throughout the design, along with a waving checkered flag under kandy paint in the background.  Once all finished and cleared, this custom paintjob looked deep.

LSU Camo

Price: $1610

Jake Anderson of Scottsdale, AZ sent us a new 6D ATR-1 motocross helmet to receive some custom paint.   He gave us the pattern that he wanted, including a camoflage layout in LSU colors along with LSU logos.   When all completed, this helmet looked super sharp after we matched all the parts and pieces and visor's camo pattern.  A near perfect flow takes extra hours, but definately worth it as goes for the extra time with all the flowing hard lines.

Chrome Catwoman

Price: $2300

Kathy Brewington of Las Vegas, NV wanted a unique custom painted helmet that screamed 'HER' and also went with her Victory 8-ball.   We sent her Shoei off to be chromed, and started with blade like wings coming up onto a chrome iridium shield.   With a black stallion on the back, and sexy Cat woman on the top, along with other pieces in the design that have meaning to her,  Kathy's new chrome custom Shoei is a head turner in person.

Japanese Samurai

Price: $1260

Focussing around his heritage, Kanji Thomas of Loganton, PA wanted his Icon Airmada custom airbrushed with a samurai theme and rising sun on the top.   Keeping the colors simple, this helmet paint ended up dark, sharp, and clean.

Carbon Fiber Kandy Chrome

Price: $1800

Randy Mueller, Owner of EPIC Motorsports in Miami, FL decided to have us design a custom painted and chromed Stilo Auto racing helmet.  We wanted to have sections of the carbon fiber showing through so that we could kandy paint over parts of it, along with the same the sections of chrome.

Chucky Helmet

Price: $1590

I had always wanted to airbrush and custom paint a Chucky themed helmet or chopper...   Finally got the opportunity when Jay Gonzalez of New York, NY called and asked to have his Shoei RF1200 custom painted.   We used some specific images of Chucky along with other airbrushed elements in the background.

F.F.A. Yamaha

Price: $1170

Another few custom helmets that we have done for YAMAHA corporate have included designs like this 'Future Farmers of America' - F.F.A. design.  These helmets are displayed at FFA events that Yamaha attends in part of their ACT ag program.  They wanted the FFA colors and logo airbrushed into the design along with their slogans.

USA Olympic Volleyball

Price: $1020

Team USA sand volleyball olympian Ryan Doherty of Hermosa Beach, CA had this custom painted half helmet done up for his coach Tim Pelot.  A simple and clean design, we incorporated a few obvious elements along with Tim's American Strength on the back, the goal was to get this custom helmet to go with his Harley Davidson well.

Glow in the Dark Bay Area Helmet

Price: $1880

This California Bay Area design layout was custom painted on an Icon street helmet for Mustafah Floyd of Madison, WI.   He loves the Bay Area and CA.   He had very specific elements to incorporate into the design, including team logos, business logos, his nickname on an oldschool CA license plate, and several other CA related elements.  The glow in the dark helmet paint base made this a one of a kind custom helmet.  In the dark all of the logos pop out and the design looks crazy.  Another custom painted helmet that pictures do no justice for.

Lamborghini Goldrush Rally - 1st Phorm

Price: $1790

Andy Frisella,  CEO of 1st Phorm supplement company and Suplement Superstores, contacted me again for another group of custom painted helmets.  He wanted to get his friends that run the Gold Rush Rally, based in Vegas, Raw Mean, BC, and PetrolGirl, all custom carbon fiber helmets.  So we started with Carbon Simpson Devil Rays.  Andy told us that PetrolGirl loves Lamborghinis. We left some of the carbon fiber to show through, and added Lambo images inside of the graphic designwork.  The Lamborghini Aventador is an amazing looking car, so getting specific images at the right angles was the goal for the sides of the helmet.   Along with gold Lambo logos, and PetrolGirl's favorite color, a three stage Lamborghini Monterey Blue paint, the design came together. As an exotic car rally,  the Gold Rush Rally owners definately added some extra pressure, but this custom painted Lamborghini helmet ended up to be my favorite of the group.

Bugatti Goldrush Rally - 1st Phorm

Price: $1620

Andy Frisella,  CEO of 1st Phorm supplement company and Suplement Superstores, contacted me again for another group of custom painted helmets.  He wanted to get his friends that run the Gold Rush Rally, based in Vegas, Raw Mean, BC, and PetrolGirl, all custom carbon fiber helmets.  So we started with Carbon Simpson Devil Rays, and went to town.  Andy told us that BC loves Bugattis. We left some of the carbon fiber to show through, and added Bugatti specific designwork to the look. The new Veyron was the inspiration including the grille, the door lines, the rear wing, tail lights, Bugatti logos, and engine compartment.  As an exotic car rally,  the Gold Rush Rally owners definately added some extra pressure, but this custom painted helmet is nothing similar to anything we have seen before.  Studying the Bugatti Veyron gave me an excuse to watch videos and documentaries too...

Illinois Fighting Illini Helmet

Price: $1240

The helmet paint on this custom HJC was one of several that YAMAHA corporate had us airbrush as part of their ACT agriculture program.  One for each of the specific D1 colleges to be given in appreciation of their involvement.  The helmet paint on this Illinois Fighting Illini helmet design incorporated the school colors, a head dress feather layout, the triple stripe just like the school's football helmets, and the ACT and Yamaha logos.  Of all of the custom painted helmets in this college project, believe it or not,  this layout ended up being the most challenging one to airbrush and pinstripe.

Florida Gators Helmet

Price: $1210

The helmet paint on this custom HJC was one of several that YAMAHA corporate had us airbrush as part of their ACT agriculture program.  One for each of the specific D1 colleges to be given in appreciation of their involvement.  The helmet paint on this Florida Gators helmet design incorporated the school colors, a huge FL Gator going from the front top to the back, and the ACT and Yamaha logos.

Texas Tech Red Raiders Helmet

Price: $1220

The helmet paint on this custom HJC was one of several that YAMAHA corporate had us airbrush as part of their ACT agriculture program.  One for each of the specific D1 colleges to be given in appreciation of their involvement.  The helmet paint on this Texas Tech Red Raiders helmet design incorporated the school colors, some ghosted airbrush designs of lone ranger type Raider characters , and the ACT and Yamaha logos.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Helmet

Price: $1230

This custom helmet was one of several that YAMAHA corporate had us airbrush as part of their ACT agriculture program.  One for each of the specific D1 colleges to be given in appreciation of their involvement.  The helmet paint on this Nebraska Cornhuskers helmet design incorporated the school colors, their "mascot" theme, combine, and ACT and Yamaha logos.

Missouri Tigers Helmet

Price: $1180

This custom painted helmet was one of several that YAMAHA corporate had us do as part of their ACT program.  One for each of the specific D1 colleges to be given in appreciation of their involvement.  The helmet paint on this Missouri Tigers helmet design was one of the crowd favorites on display from what we were told.

RaceRed Camo

Price: $1190

This Arai VX-Pro3 was cusotm painted for Erik Szmania of Westlake, OH.   He specifically liked the look of  the front of the helmet to be black, so adding some metallic flake to the black and his euro race red, we came up with this clean design. With the airbrushed camo in the background, it goes fast standing still, with his last name incorporated on back.

Pitbull Helmet

Price: $1520

Megan Wells of Moseley, VA decided to have a custom helmet painted for her fiance as a surprise Christmas gift.   She asked us to incorporate specific colors, and Greg's Longwood Rotundo fraternity logo,   along with their two pitbulls, Mars and Kali, airbrushed on the sides as the main theme of the design. As an American Pitbull Terrier owner and lover myself,  this custom painted helmet was one to be remembered for me.

Raw Mean Goldrush Rally - 1st Phorm

Price: $1880

Andy Frisella,  CEO of 1st Phorm supplement company and Suplement Superstores, contacted me again for another group of custom painted helmets.  He wanted to get his friends that run the Gold Rush Rally, based in Vegas, Raw Mean, BC, and PetrolGirl, all custom carbon fiber helmets.  So we started with Carbon Simpson Devil Rays, and went to town.  Andy told us that Raw Mean likes old Lincolns, and Pinup Girls.  So we gave some of the carbon fiber a touch of Kandy Green to show through, and went for an old school classy look. As an exotic car rally,  the Gold Rush Rally owners definately added some extra pressure, measuring up to European super car quality was fun.

Sho-Air Cyclery Helmet

Price: $1150

More helmet painting for the 74th Sturgis Rally... we custom painted a helmet for Lance Armstrong, as a gift from the City of Sturgis, so Kendi Britton ordered this custom helmet for hers, and Lance's dear friend R. Scott Tedro, CEO of Sho-Air, which I got to hand to Kendi and Jason personally.  And that is always super exciting to see them smile. This half helmet was given a big metallic silver flake base, with Kandy Oriental Blue over it, along with some hot-rod style pinstriping,  Scott's name, and the Sho-Air logo,  this custom helmet totally blows up and blinds you in the direct sunlight.

Patriotic Ireland Helmet

Price: $1290

An up and coming Indy racer, Austin Mack of Warren, RI  called us looking for a custom painted helmet that would show his heritage of Ireland, and keep him "lucky"...  Starting with a Carbon Fiber Bell GP2,  we left the dark black fiber showing through the pinstriping of the red, white, and blue paintwork, and custom painted the back to have some Irish kick.

Clint Eastwood - Stewie - Chuck Norris Helmet

Price: $4400

This custom airbrushed helmet can't be appreciated unless it is in your hands. 100% paint - No Vinyl.   So much tiny detail, along with some of the craziest helmet painting themes that I have ever seen, we sent to Awesome Bill in Las Vegas, NV.   This custom painted helmet was airbrushed according to Bill's ideas once again.  I think this was his forth or fifth custom Shoei helmet that we had done for him,  but this one was by far the most off the wall for themes, and by far the most complex and intricate of any of his airbrushed helmets.  Bill's signature is his Smiley Watchman's face on the front,  but this time,  Bill said he wanted the face to be more extreme and beaten.  On the back and sides,  we airbrushed more of his specific ideas, including Zuess fighting a dark angel or demon,  Chuck Norris,  Stalin and Order 227 coming up from a mushroom cloud, and Clint Eastwood himself, from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...   choking out Stewie from Family Guy, holding a bottle of Wild Turkey.  Like I said,  some of the craziest helmet painting ever...

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Memorial Helmet

Price: $1180

This is truly HELMET PAINTING done for the reason I love to do it.  Johnathan Page an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician stationed at Travis AFB in California,  had an idea for his personal lid.  He wanted a custom painted helmet that honored his fallen friends and comrades that were on EOD teams in Afghanistan and Iraq.   With his input, John helped design his helmet with the EOD logos, and staying with black, whites, and greys.  We included the EOD memorial which was built in honor of ALL of the fallen EOD solders.  With those simple, neutral colors, and John's requested, flat finish, gave this custom helmet design much more depth than it's face value.  And definately an honor to speak with a real life Hurt Locker hero.

Purple Filligree

Price: $1190

Nicole Bradford of Avon, CO needed a custom airbrushed helmet for offroad racing and Hare Scrambles.  This custom painted Fly helmet was sprayed with a House of Kolor pearl purple, and the silvers and greens also went with Nicole's special reference design.  Along with custom painting a simple cross on top, her specific team number and name, a note of some fallen friends, and a ladybug for a young gal who is always remembered,  Nicole's ideas came together well with the base filligree background and her bold color choices.  Very clean design that is in the front of the Hare and Hound Nationals.

Day of the Dead Helmet

Price: $3300

This custom painted Shoei helmet ended up being one of my top 3 favorites of all time.  Fitness Model and competitor Lorie Forman of Las Vegas, NV decided to get her son an extra special Christmas gift.  A custom airbrushed helmet that represented many aspects of his life.  Tattoos, jewelry, symbolism, their dealership logo...  Lorie incorporated lots of ideas that have meaning to Karl.  This custom painted Day of the Dead themed helmet took 80 plus hours, and never seemed to end as I kept dumping ideas and detail into it,  but well worth it in the end.  One of the slickest painted helmets I have ever seen.

Lance Armstrong Helmet

When the city of Sturgis, SD contacted me with the opportunity to custom paint a motorcycle helmet for Lance Armstrong, for the 2014 Rally, I jumped at the chance.  Lance's good friend, R. Scott Tedro gave me a few ideas for the artwork, and we ran with it.  Incorporating his classic yellow color, Lance's bicycle company logo Mellow Johnny's, and his favorite state of Texas, along with a few of the Rally sponsors, the finished piece turned out very clean, and Lance said that he loved it.  We also added in a mural of him crossing the Tour de France finishline, arms extended, putting out the celebratory 7 win fingers.  Lance was the honorary Grand Marshall for the 2014 Mayor's ride, so the City let me present the helmet to him to wear.  Had such a great time meeting Lance and partying like a rockstar with old friends, Jason & Kendi Britton, Tony Carbajal, and Eric & Ben Bostrom as well.

Angelic Pegasus

Price: $1910

This custom painted Shoei RF-1100 was done as a gift for Kathy Brewington of Reno, NV from Awesome Bill.  Bill asked for angel wings wrapping around to the front of the helmet, coming up onto the faceshield, as though you are peaking out of the wings.  Fading a pegasus on the back, and adding several other elements to the design, made this a one of a kind for sure.  We also used exact metallic purple and blue to match Kathy's custom painted motorcycle.

Devil's Regects

Price: $1230

This flat finished themed custom helmet was many years coming for Keith Gray of North San Juan, CA.  His idea for a long time was to have his favorite mask from the Rob Zombie movie, The Devil's Regects, done on the back of a custom helmet.  He added a few different ideas including the corss to look cut out of the forehead, so we added rust and blood, he wanted his custom Glock to be taking shots at the mask as well.  We also added into the design a broken pocket watch set at the time that Keith was born, and a few other elements to balance everything out.

Jurassic Park Custom Helmet

Price: $1260

This custom helmet was done in a Jurassic Park theme.  Christina Picarelli of Seminole, FL surprised her husband with a custom painted helmet for his birthday with his favorite movie theme, and incorporating his bike's colors, his favorite dinosaurs, and the Jurassic Park logo with his name in it.  This custom HJC turned out very clean and complements his kawi sportbike well.  We specifically made the body positioning of the T-Rex and Raptor to our liking on each side, and added their silhouettes as well to balance everything out.

USMC Custom Helmet

Price: $1260

Another one of many custom painted helmets that we have done as a surprise from a wife to her husband.  Mandy Knote from Sumner, WA had us custom paint this Bell Rogue half helmet for her husband Korey with a US Marine Corps theme.  We came up with the idea of a screaming eagle to go along with her ideas of incorporating his favorite colors,  his Marine Corps sword, the eagle, globe, and anchor.  We also used the Iwojima Marine Memorial Monument Statue and pinstriping to balance everything out.  We finished this project a few weeks before Korey's actual birthday.  Mandy was so excited about it that she couldn't help but spring his birthday gift on him early.

Hummingbird Skid Lid

Price: $1540

This custom painted helmet was done as a birthday gift for Elaine Wilfong of Cartersville, GA.  Terry called me and expressed what he wanted mainly through verbal description.  He definately gets husband of the year honors.  Terry put his heart into his ideas.  Elaine loves hummingbirds of course, along with sheet notes of their favorite songs, 2 cancer ribbons as she is a two-time survivor, and we added in our touch to keep the theme looking classy and flow with flowers.  This was definately one of the most meaningful helmets that we ever have done.  Terry even set his wife up with a trick at their local bike shop to surprise her with the gift. This custom helmet definately was a challenge with the minimal canvas and max detail. It shows our variety of style and that we can paint anything, in any style...

Budweiser Shifter Cart

Price: $2500

This shifter cart was done to match custom painted helmets and racebikes that we have done for Jamal Rogers of Eastpoint Michigan. We custom painted and airbrushed this Budweiser theme to go with Jamal's Bud themed ZX6 and custom painted Arai.  We have done so many projects for Jamal that it is hard to keep them all straight. After doing some bodywork, these race fairings were paintmatched with factory Kawasaki red to give it a perfect match to the rest of his equipment.  Very clean.  The Jamal Way.

Super Duck Custom Helmet

Price: $1340

Helmet painting can bring out so many different aspects of someone's personality.  Custom painted helmets, motorcycles, anything,  can show just mood, or even an overall attitude.  Getting the chance to do this SUPERDUCK custom Shoei GT Air for Doug Chan of Alexandria, VA was another enjoyable and fresh experience.  A chance to sit down, and design a clean and colorful custom helmet.  Far from the dark, evil, and dreary helmets that we sometimes do,  this Super Duck helmet design felt happy.  Doug gave us some specific ideas for the design, and we ran with it,  using some of the background within sections of the graphics that were actually from the WB cartoon.  I got the chance to sit down and watch cartoons for work too...  Which is always a plus.  We made Daffy himself, and the background as close to the actual cartoon as possible.

Safe Shot Indoor Range

Price: $1360

Jim Harwin, owner of Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range of Reno, NV asked us to custom paint a helmet for him that matched his custom Harley Davidson.  We used factory matched Harley paint to lay out the same graphics as his bike, and then added a few custom airbrushed logos.  On the back of his custom painted helmet, we incorporated an image of a gangster pinup girl with a Tommy gun that is on the Safe Shot website.  He also wanted an HK MP5KN and an FN P90 on the sides to show his shooting range's fully auto capabilities and options.  Fully Auto weapons and custom helmet painting,  doesn't get any better than that!

Watchmen's Comedian Smile

Price: $1290

This custom airbrushed helmet was done for Awesome Bill of Reno, Nevada.  Awesome Bill from Dawsonville had the idea of using the Comedian's logo for the face of Shoei RF1100 helmet.  A fan of the Watchmen's Comedian, that sarcastic smile, riddled with bullets was what Awesome bill requested for his first of many custom painted helmets that I humbly am honored with painting.  We added extra dripping blood, more entrance wounds along with exit wounds, along with the Comedian's laughter on the back.  We Ghosted in a dark image of the Comedian's face behind the HaHaHa's to complete the helmet paint.  Awesome Bill added in a few extra personal sayings as well, and the finished custom painted helmet wrenched heads as soon as he got it home and onto his bike.

Chelsea Futbol

Price: $1210

This custom Chelsea Football Club themed helmet was inspired by the custom helmet design of Liverpool Futbol that we had done.  Chris McGill of Rockwall, TX asked us to do a similar design for his favorite soccer team.  He sent us the logos that he wanted used, and we ran with the design adding in silver pinstriping and was airbrushed along the edges in the team colors.

Jack and Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas

Price: $1380 per design

We had been waiting to get the chance to do a matching set of custom helmets of Jack and Sally Skellington.  The Nightmare Before Christmas couple was a perfect topic and theme, and Kevin Garcia pulled the trigger transforming he and his girlfriend into Jack and Sally on the street.  Adding in specific ideas per request each owner, custom airbrushing the trees and building silhouettes to match their bike, the Nightmare hill, the Oogie Boogie Man in the moon, and a couple lines from the movie, these two custom painted helmets truly do look creapy when seen in person on the street.  Kevin's ideas resulted in a couple matching custom helmets that the design almost transforms and hides the shape of their Icon helmets when seen at a distance. When custom painted correctly, leaving the eyeports open on the shields in the correct positions, not only look better,  last longer, and are safer, than the alternative of custom airbrushing a vinyl perforated shield screen,  that you really can't see through well at all.

Kawasaki Red NASCAR 8

Price: $940

Another one of many pieces of custom helmet painting that Jamal Rogers of Eastpointe, MI had us do up to go along with his custom painted Kawasaki ZX6 Budweiser themed race bike, and his matching Budweiser custom painted shifter cart.  Starting with an exact factory matched Kawasaki ZX red,  with his signature NASCAR styled #8,  we added some light pinstriping to balance everything out.  He also wanted the Arai logos back onto his custom Arai Corsair V,  so we airbrushed them back on.  All paint.  No stickers.  That's the right way to do it.  The Jamal way.  Once we put his dark tinted shield onto the finished piece,  this simply designed custom painted helmet almost took the form of a racecar instantly...

Mercedes Benz AMG Helmet

Price: $1240

Auto Racing is a big part of the Enders family.  Owning a Mercedes Benz dealership and being involved in the racing industry, Ken Enders of Mercedes-Benz of Sugarland in Texas had to have an AMG race helmet for his son Kory's birthday.  We took into account exactly what Ken wanted on his custom painted Arai GP-6 helmet, including a large metallic House of Kolor flake, and the finished piece turned out nearly perfect.  We had his helmet paint done clean and true within a few days, and next dayed it out to the track they were racing at in Warwick, NY.

Eddie - Iron Maiden

Price: $1640

This custom Shoei RF1100 was airbrushed to Hassan Mian's specifications, and shipped to him in Edmonton, Alberta.  Hassan had seen our custom paintwork through a friend, and decided to take their Canadian helmet painting to another level.  With a custom painted face shield that allowed an eyeport to work with Eddie's screaming mouth,  this airbrushed helmet came to life...  Using Eddie's most recognizable album cover,  we had him shreaking out the front on his headphones, and on the back,  to Mr. Mian's request,  Eddie is in a padded room, as on another cover, but gesturing differently.  Another custom painted helmet that is really needed to be seen in person to appreciate the perfection in the finish,  but just a wild overall layout...  Eddie's hands are my favorite part of the design...   that and the spit I guess...


Price: $1220

This custom painted helmet went out to the employees of Nelson Cash, an advertising, brand building, consultant agency in Chicago.  They ordered this custom airbrushed helmet specifically as a show piece for their commander in chief, Uri the owner.  They specifically needed the design to be nothing but black, grey, and white, with a flat finish.  We airbrushed Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson's famous bird flippin pictures on each side, added in the company's logos and slogans, added a bit of hotrod pinstiping, and the flat alsa clear finished it off.  This is another project that has to be seen in your hands without a doubt.  The camera just can't pick up how the artwork looks under the flat clear.   It's weird stuff...

USC Trojans - LA Lakers Helmet

Price: $1490

We custom painted this Icon Alliance for Lila Cox of Lakeside, CA.  A birthday gift for her husband, nicknamed FOX...  Lila required his favorite college and pro teams.  Creating a USC Trojans custom helmet on one side,  and a Los Angeles Lakers design on the other, along with a base graphic that matched Fox's retro Yamaha Sportbike,  all of the yellow combined made a balance of everything FOX.  As always,  I love to add in specific little custom airbrushing on helmets that express depth, and send a message.... ghosted in,  we did just that from Lady Fox...